Print on Demand with TixKeeper

January 29, 2018
We’re excited to see a rise in the number of libraries moving away from traditional, returnable museum passes to print on demand passes. Not only are your patrons able to reserve and print their own passes from home, but library staff no longer have to worry about lost, damaged, or overdue passes.
While print on demand is not a new feature in TixKeeper, we received a lot of questions from librarians this past year asking how they can get this service up and running in their TixKeeper system.
How do I get started?
You can email us, and we’ll let you know which destinations in your pass list are now accepting print on demand passes. For existing TixKeeper subscribers, there is usually no additional charge for us to convert your returnable passes to print on demand.
What if some of our local destinations aren’t currently allowing print on demand passes?
It’s possible that no one has asked them yet! Contact the destinations’ membership departments and ask if they will accept print on demand passes. Plymouth Rocket, Inc. doesn’t make the agreements with cultural destinations (those are between you, the subscriber, and the institutions), but we love working with destinations to create a printable pass that includes the information they require. We’re happy to set up a test record so you can email them a copy of a sample print on demand pass. TixKeeper also send out email confirmations and text reminders that your patrons can use as a pass, if the destination accepts those formats too.
What can be included on the printable pass?
Most destinations simply accept the confirmation screen which serves as the print on demand pass. Some destinations like to include their logo, an annual membership number, a single barcode, and some destinations give out a pack of membership numbers per day. The confirmation screen always includes the use date, and most libraries like to include text on the pass that states the pass may only be used for that specific date.
Can I see some examples?
Sure! We’ve worked with a lot of librarians to setup print on demand passes. Most notably, almost all of our subscribers in Nassau Library System were setup this year with print on demand passes to many New York cultural destinations. We’re excited about this. We’ve also worked with:
Lisa Spalla, Head of Circulation, says “we used a combination of calling and emails to obtain permissions from each library. Several museums asked for a mock up. We provided all museums with the mock up, even if some did not request one. There are no formal written agreements.” She notes, “there are many steps to make sure this goes smoothly. We took it slow and tested several times before implementing the POD.”
Julie DeLisle, Director, would be happy to chat with you about her experience. She says most of the destinations “were receptive and saw it as a positive move. I stressed the convenience to the public, who’d be able to access the pass on days when the library is closed, and wouldn’t have to wait for it to be returned by another user. I sent them a sample, and most confirmed by email, or over the phone. I didn’t create a formal agreement.”
Have questions? Like a TixKeeper demo? Contact us toll free or email us and we’ll get right back to you!

New Products, New Pricing for 2016

April 4, 2016

Next Stop – MARS!


Plymouth Rocket has always used the rocket image to mean we are going places.  And our software is designed to take you places.  Now in 2016 we want to go further.  You have asked us about an easy way to brand your EventKeeper calendars and for a version of TixKeeper that looks great on a smartphone. We are excited to announce that both things are now available.

And we have chosen Mars is a symbol for our new services.  We are expanding our horizons, boldly going where no software has gone before and all that.  And this year NASA has a new focus on Mars and that vision is our inspiration.

EventKeeper – Calendars

The next generation of EventKeeper, called EK MARS, introduces a revolutionary new way to make our calendar your calendar.  You can design your own calendar page and then add a handful of special code words that indicate where the EventKeeper pieces should go.

If you are using a CMS, like WordPress, Drupal, etc. this is a very simple task.  And then you just turn the EK Mars “Creation Crank” and the result is a custom calendar page that looks just like your web site and has all the features of EventKeeper.  And, another great implication of this technology is that when your website changes, you just change your EK Mars template, turn the crank and your EventKeeper page is updated, fast and easy.

TixKeeper – Pass Reservations

TixKeeper has always had an impressive number of options for configuring how your museum passes are reserved.  The next generation of TixKeeper, called TK MARS, introduces a presentation that looks great on all devices; desktop, tablet and smartphone.  And now, as part of the information included with each destination, patrons can display a map showing the location and then use map to get directions.

So all the current features – and more – are there, but now it’s elegant and easy to use on all your platforms.


This is never an easy topic but first, did you know that we have not increased the cost of either EventKeeper or TixKeeper in over 10 years – since 2005?  Crazy, right?

So, we are taking this opportunity to (1) release the new versions of EventKeeper and TixKeeper, (2) bundle in some commonly ordered features and (3) introduce a fair, market-appropriate price increase.

The new prices will take effect on May 1, 2016 and will apply to new clients ordering after that date or to existing clients on their subscription renewal dates.


First, everyone with EventKeeper upgrades to EK Mars.  If you don’t want to change the way your calendar looks, you can do nothing for now, and work on your customized page later.  But we think most folks will really like the option to have their calendar match the rest of the web site and we will help you get started with that.

The new annual subscription cost of EventKeeper – EK Mars – will be $525.  Yes, that’s quite a jump, but in addition to the new EK Mars branding feature, we are now including 900 events (up from 300 – a $150 value), Private Events (currently $50 extra) and 10 editors (currently $35 extra) and any other previously-extra costs for hosting customized pages.


Similarly, everyone with TixKeeper is moving to TK Mars.  The patron experience on all platforms is vastly improved.  And there are some new features, such as destination maps

The new annual subscription cost of TixKeeper – TK Mars – will be $425.  A significant increase but a great bargain for all the features available.


We recognize there are cheap and even free calendar options for you but we at Plymouth Rocket know that what you need is a well-designed calendar configurable for your needs and not designed for the masses.

And we will continue to provide our personal touch of free, quality support to guide you through your initial setup and future changing requirements.  And we’re a little smaller than Google; we listen to you when you have suggestions and, as many of you have seen, your suggestions become reality.

Other Products

By the way, we are continuing to improve our other products, making them look good on different displays, etc.  But there are no price increases planned in the coming year for:

EventKeeper Extensions

EK Registration – program registration option for every event.

EK Rooms – room reservation managemet

LitKeeper : summer and winter reading program

KitKeeper : book club kit reservation management

Study Room Keeper : small room reservation management

As always, thanks for either subscribing to one or more of our applications, and for your interest in Plymouth Rocket, Inc.

Go Sox!




PR MAPS Live in Michigan

June 3, 2013

We’re thrilled to announce that Michigan Activity Pass is now live. Here is the Press Release.

We’re very pleased to be working with The Library Network to make this all happen.

TixKeeper is now live at Boston Public

July 2, 2011

Happy 4th!

As the weekend, gets going, we’re thrilled to report that TixKeeper, our web based museum pass management software, is now live at Boston Public Library.

Thanks to all of the many folks at BPL who’ve made this happen.

Check it out here!


TixKeeper and Patron Confirmations

January 26, 2009

The TixKeeper patron confirmation page is an important part of the reservation process, and libraries need to craft the language on that page so that patrons are never in doubt as to its intended use.

Rarely, it happens that patrons mistakenly take that confirmation page to the museum, expecting to retrieve the pass at that point. Museums don’t like that much.

Of course, to avoid any confusion, TixKeeper provides librarians with the option to change that confirmation page text, to say, this: “Please print this page and bring it to the library with your library card when you come to pick up the pass.”

Not a huge issue, but one we thought worth commenting on. Always glad to hear your thoughts!

TixKeeper by the Numbers

July 22, 2008

TixKeeper is our museum pass reservation software, part of our suite of applications that began with EventKeeper a few years back. This is kind of fun. Click here to get a sense of how often patrons are using Tixkeeper to reserve passes. Pass usage is up, administration time is down. A good thing.

Additionally, if you are coming to Massachusetts for a vacation, check out the listing of museums represented. Rain or shine, lots of great places to check out.