Kindle Fire

November 22, 2011

Kindle Fire has hit the streets; for 200 bucks, will it put a dent in Apple’s bottom line? Perhaps it competes with the Nook?

Regardless, good for consumers to have more choices going into the Holidays…


Librarians take on the iPad

July 24, 2010

Since its much-hyped introduction a few months ago, Apple has sold just over 3 million of the touch screen devices, with several more countries seeing them for the first time just today. Rumors abound regarding the form factor/pricing/features of the waiting-in-the wings competition. The game’s afoot!

Meanwhile, what do librarians think of the usefulness of said device? Check here for a few thoughts from some clever librarians.

My rule of thumb concerning Apple products is to hold off until the second generation: more features and refinements, fewer issues, more 3rd party software choices, and lower cost. But these things are tempting, very tempting. We’ll see.

Best iPhone Apps for Librarians

April 24, 2009

A boatload of paid and free apps are available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Here is a “best of” list compiled by a librarian for librarians:

Top iPhone Applications for Librarians

Amy Ryan on Boston Public

April 20, 2009

Amy Ryan is the new director of the Boston Public Library, and like all libraries, BPL is being affected in dramatic ways by the economic downturn. She recently provided WBUR in Boston with an insightful look at the library and her thinking regarding weathering these touch times, when every dollar counts:

Amy Ryan interview regarding Boston Public Library

Babcock CT Library Blog

January 28, 2008

Blogs are great ways for libraries to connect easily and informally with their patrons. Here is a fine blog published by the Babcock Public Library in Connecticut. And, thanks very much for choosing EventKeeper, our web calendar solution.

Is Kindle the Future of Reading?

November 21, 2007

Maybe. I hope not. Check out the Amazon Kindle page here. You can’t loan it, borrow it, or drop it. Very pricey. Gets high marks for the “cool” factor among the first adopter crowd.

Let’s see how it does after Christmas.

Create a Unique, “branded” EventKeeper calendar

November 20, 2007

EventKeeper offers libraries the ability to create what we call a “branded” calendar solution. Working with your web site developer, we’ll assist you to create a calendar presentation that is totally consistent with the look and feel of your web site. Check out the Hingham Public Library for a great example!