Another good reason to back-up…

August 1, 2008

According to a Reuters report:

U.S. federal agents have been given new powers to seize travelers’ laptops and other electronic devices at the border and hold them for unspecified periods the Washington Post reported on Friday.

Under recently disclosed Department of Homeland Security policies, such seizures may be carried out without suspicion of wrongdoing, the newspaper said, quoting policies issued on July 16 by two DHS agencies.

Traveling safely by land, sea, or air is important to all of us. TSA does a good job under very stressful conditions 99% of the time. How far will the government go?

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Russian Business Network

January 16, 2008

Ever wonder who or what’s behind most of the annoying and unwanted spam, or the destructive malware and spyware that can invade your PC in search of personal information to exploit?

Check out this lengthy but very informative article on the Russian Business Network. These folks are a great argument for smart computing, never opening junk mail, keeping your machines current with the latest security patches, and of course, keeping clear of unknown attached files. Good reading, but very scary.

Gen yers and Public Libraries: Good News

December 31, 2007

Today’s libraries are definitely not the same places where today’s senior citizens did their homework after school. Indeed, according to the results from a study conducted by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the Pew Internet & American Life Project, today’s seniors — and even many baby boomers — probably wouldn’t recognize half the resources available to patrons.

However, younger generations do. Compared to all other demographic groups, Gen Yers — 18 to 30 years old — are flocking to libraries to take advantage of their tech tools and information lode.The survey did not set out to study library usage — at least, not directly.

Rather, it examined how people went about looking for answers or solutions to several common problems that might involve the government: addressing health issues; making a decision about school enrollment; dealing with a tax matter; getting information about Medicare, Social Security or voter registration; or seeking helping on a local government matter, such as a traffic problem.

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Is Kindle the Future of Reading?

November 21, 2007

Maybe. I hope not. Check out the Amazon Kindle page here. You can’t loan it, borrow it, or drop it. Very pricey. Gets high marks for the “cool” factor among the first adopter crowd.

Let’s see how it does after Christmas.


August 29, 2005

Colleges across the country are swinging back into action, and as they do, students everywhere are logging on to The Face Book, an incredibly popular social networking tool. Designed by a Harvard undergrad who determined a need for a web based application that would help kids to meet one another online, The Face Book has for many students become an essential part of the college experience.

Read an entire review here: Wired News

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