A must-read blog

October 7, 2010

Ok, I’m biased. Katie Nolan has just joined Plymouth Rocket, Inc. as a Product Specialist. When not working at her library or with us, she works on this very cool blog. If you like books, reading, and lists, its a must read.


A Great Independent Bookstore

December 7, 2007

Our neck of the woods boasts of a number of great independent bookstores. One of the best for our money is the Harvard Bookstore, just outside Harvard Square. Always fun to hop out of the T station and meander down Mass Ave towards Central Square, and just down the road a bit you’ll find an old storefront that invites you in. New books, used books, remainders, and every heading you can think of. If you are in Cambridge, its a must visit. And if you like hamburgers, check out the place at the end of Dunster St., just off Mass Ave. I can’t quite recall the name, but its very good.

Borders is just fine, but the independents need lots of support in this age of cookie cutter, big box retailing.

Is Kindle the Future of Reading?

November 21, 2007

Maybe. I hope not. Check out the Amazon Kindle page here. You can’t loan it, borrow it, or drop it. Very pricey. Gets high marks for the “cool” factor among the first adopter crowd.

Let’s see how it does after Christmas.

New Favorite Blog

March 24, 2007

Check out Library Thing. Great place for book recommendations, chat with other book lovers, find new books, get reviews, and lots more.

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Great Books

June 17, 2005

Books that changed my life is a 5 part series running on The Connection, from WBUR in Boston. Plan to tune in!

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