Best iPhone Apps for Librarians

April 24, 2009

A boatload of paid and free apps are available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Here is a “best of” list compiled by a librarian for librarians:

Top iPhone Applications for Librarians


EMail, bring back the good old days

April 24, 2009

from the Seattle Post Microsoft blog:

What percentage of e-mail messages are unwanted or harassing?

According to a Microsoft Security Report published Wednesday: Almost all of them.

More than 97 percent of e-mail messages are spam, contain malicious attachments or are sent as part of a phishing attack, the report said.

In the second half of 2008, spam was dominated by product advertisements. Nearly half, or 48.6 percent, of the spam was for pharmaceutical products.

The report also found that attackers increasingly target common file formats to exploit systems, such as files created by Microsoft Office or Adobe PDFs.

“The most frequently-exploited vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office software were also some of the oldest,” the report said. “91.3 percent of attacks examined exploited a single vulnerability for which a security fix had been available for more than 2 years.”

It was a great tool. Our company relies on it for communicating with our subscribers, and staying smart about it is a challenge.

Amy Ryan on Boston Public

April 20, 2009

Amy Ryan is the new director of the Boston Public Library, and like all libraries, BPL is being affected in dramatic ways by the economic downturn. She recently provided WBUR in Boston with an insightful look at the library and her thinking regarding weathering these touch times, when every dollar counts:

Amy Ryan interview regarding Boston Public Library