TixKeeper and Patron Confirmations

January 26, 2009

The TixKeeper patron confirmation page is an important part of the reservation process, and libraries need to craft the language on that page so that patrons are never in doubt as to its intended use.

Rarely, it happens that patrons mistakenly take that confirmation page to the museum, expecting to retrieve the pass at that point. Museums don’t like that much.

Of course, to avoid any confusion, TixKeeper provides librarians with the option to change that confirmation page text, to say, this: “Please print this page and bring it to the library with your library card when you come to pick up the pass.”

Not a huge issue, but one we thought worth commenting on. Always glad to hear your thoughts!


A Christmas EventKeeper poem

January 6, 2009

Well, this is a first, penned by the poet laureate of the Morton Grove Public Library. Thanks, Kevin!

‘Twas the Night Before EK

‘Twas a new event system for MGPL, 
The colors are chosen, 
and keywords as well.

The templates are hung
under the pop-up with care
in hopes that you’ll use them;
that’s why they’re there!

There’ll be programs galore
for adults, teens and YS.
What attendance will be
is anyone’s guess.

And so I proclaim
as I turn it over to you,
Happy eventing to all
and registration, too!