TixKeeper by the Numbers

July 22, 2008

TixKeeper is our museum pass reservation software, part of our suite of applications that began with EventKeeper a few years back. This is kind of fun. Click here to get a sense of how often patrons are using Tixkeeper to reserve passes. Pass usage is up, administration time is down. A good thing.

Additionally, if you are coming to Massachusetts for a vacation, check out the listing of museums represented. Rain or shine, lots of great places to check out.


A Calendar with a View

July 9, 2008

Not an opinion, just a new EventKeeper monthly view that provides folks who prefer to link to the monthly view with a more powerful, informative look at your calendar. If you subscribe and would like us to enable this feature for you, just let us know. Of course, We’d be glad to tell you how to do it yourself. It’s really easy.

Link to our Newsletter

July 8, 2008

Some of you received this, most of you didn’t. We’ll get it right soon. In the mean time, you can catch up with Plymouth Rocket, Inc by clicking here: June 2008 Newsletter.