HTTPS Protocol enabled within EventKeeper

February 20, 2008

In response to some interest from both existing and prospective subscribers, we’ve enabled the HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer, or HTTP over SSL) protocol within EventKeeper. We haven’t noticed any speed or performance changes, but we’ll keep an eye on things for you.

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say regarding https:

https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer) is a URI scheme used to indicate a secure HTTP connection. It is syntactically identical to the http:// scheme normally used for accessing resources using HTTP. Using an https: URL indicates that HTTP is to be used, but with a different default TCP port (443) and an additional encryption/authentication layer between the HTTP and TCP. This system was designed by Netscape Communications Corporation to provide authentication and encrypted communication and is widely used on the World Wide Web for security-sensitive communication such as payment transactions and corporate logons.


Video games at the library? You betcha…

February 18, 2008

Libraries in southeastern Michigan are turning the page on peace and quiet.Video game events at public libraries are drawing crowds of teens, including about 100 competing monthly at “Guitar Hero” at the Rochester Hills Public Library.

“Getting teens to come to the library is right up there with getting them to go to church: It’s not exactly the first place they want to go,” Christine Lind Hage, library director, told the Detroit Free Press for a story Sunday.

Link to the entire article here.