Time is Tight…

January 30, 2008

Library Journal.com posts this interesting article regarding study habits and information searching tendencies among younger library users. The findings can be generalized across all age groups.

A new study commissioned by the British Library and JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) says that the “Google Generation”—youth born or brought up in the Internet age—is not particularly web-literate, and their research traits—impatience in search and navigation and zero tolerance for any delay in satisfying their information needs—are becoming the norm for all age-groups.
The lesson for libraries, according to the CIBER research team at University College London, is that they must step up significantly, “both raising awareness of this expensive and valuable content and making the interfaces much more standard and easier to use.”


Link to the entire article here.



Babcock CT Library Blog

January 28, 2008

Blogs are great ways for libraries to connect easily and informally with their patrons. Here is a fine blog published by the Babcock Public Library in Connecticut. And, thanks very much for choosing EventKeeper, our web calendar solution.

SirsiDynix Super Conference

January 22, 2008

As a long time certified technical partner, we’ll be in the mix in Detroit at the Super Conference. This is a great show with lots of innovative technologies on display, and its always fun to re-connect with SirsiDynix staff, and of course our subscribers.

Russian Business Network

January 16, 2008

Ever wonder who or what’s behind most of the annoying and unwanted spam, or the destructive malware and spyware that can invade your PC in search of personal information to exploit?

Check out this lengthy but very informative article on the Russian Business Network. These folks are a great argument for smart computing, never opening junk mail, keeping your machines current with the latest security patches, and of course, keeping clear of unknown attached files. Good reading, but very scary.