Gen yers and Public Libraries: Good News

December 31, 2007

Today’s libraries are definitely not the same places where today’s senior citizens did their homework after school. Indeed, according to the results from a study conducted by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the Pew Internet & American Life Project, today’s seniors — and even many baby boomers — probably wouldn’t recognize half the resources available to patrons.

However, younger generations do. Compared to all other demographic groups, Gen Yers — 18 to 30 years old — are flocking to libraries to take advantage of their tech tools and information lode.The survey did not set out to study library usage — at least, not directly.

Rather, it examined how people went about looking for answers or solutions to several common problems that might involve the government: addressing health issues; making a decision about school enrollment; dealing with a tax matter; getting information about Medicare, Social Security or voter registration; or seeking helping on a local government matter, such as a traffic problem.

Go here to read the entire article.


New Construction at The San Diego Public Library

December 27, 2007

Illustrative of the struggle for funding throughout the public library system. Read about it here.

So easy even a caveman can do it…

December 24, 2007

The Birmingham Public Library blog makes it easy to see what is new and good at this terrific library. We’ll keep tuning in in case our buddy Thagg decides to make a snow angel.

Be sure to watch Thagg reserve his book.

TixKeeper gets a speed bump, and lots more

December 15, 2007

Our museum pass reservation program TixKeeper is pretty slick. It just got slicker. Here’s why:

  1. We’ve improved how editors can update the status of the passes in the system. Click once, and all the passes get updated automatically.
  2. We’ve improved our barcode searching function.
  3. We now include a dropdown selection that will show only Saturdays and Sundays for the next 60 days. We’ve got you covered if a patron just wishes to search for passes on weekends for the next two months.
  4. Sometimes folks get a little excited when reserving passes, and don’t quite complete the steps involved. If that happens, TixKeeper will offer a gentle reminder to finish up.
  5. Speed. Everybody wants speed on the web, and the latest release of TixKeeper is noticeably quicker. A good thing, when you want to research and reserve your pass, and get back to those Seinfeld reruns.
  6. We’ve added a bunch of “under the hood”  type changes which we won’t bore you with.

There you have it. TixKeeper is faster, smarter, and more efficient. Stay tuned for more updates!

A little more on EKRegistration

December 11, 2007

We’ve been working hard to roll this out. Lots of web demos lately. Visit our web site to find out a few more of the details.

SirsiDynix EPS Rooms/EventKeeper

December 10, 2007

The San Diego Public Library is a long time subscriber to EventKeeper. We’re pleased to let you know that EventKeeper has been successfully integrated into the SIRSIDynix EPS Rooms Portal solution adopted by San Diego School Rooms.

A Great Independent Bookstore

December 7, 2007

Our neck of the woods boasts of a number of great independent bookstores. One of the best for our money is the Harvard Bookstore, just outside Harvard Square. Always fun to hop out of the T station and meander down Mass Ave towards Central Square, and just down the road a bit you’ll find an old storefront that invites you in. New books, used books, remainders, and every heading you can think of. If you are in Cambridge, its a must visit. And if you like hamburgers, check out the place at the end of Dunster St., just off Mass Ave. I can’t quite recall the name, but its very good.

Borders is just fine, but the independents need lots of support in this age of cookie cutter, big box retailing.