Jonathan Bourne PL Blog

August 30, 2006

Despite the proliferation of blogs on every subject imaginable, the jury is still out regarding their true value. After all, great numbers don’t guarantee great quality. Sadly, most blogs just aren’t worth your time. We found a library blog that most definitely is, developed by the folks down at The Jonathan Bourne Public Library. It’s interesting, current, and accessible, qualities that we value in both blogs and software.

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ArtsRGV: Events for the Rio Grande Valley

August 15, 2006

For at least two years, Virginia Haynie Gause, founder of  dreamed of having a robust web-based events calendar for the whole Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Her two major goals were to have a tool that would allow people to search for events happening on the days they could attend, as well as one that would permit organizers to plan well in advance so that major events would not all clump on the same date!

We’re delighted that Virginia chose EventKeeper to bring her dream to fruition.

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Fall 2006

August 11, 2006

We’ve had a very exciting summer so far at Plymouth Rocket, and wish you the best for the remainder. Fall will be a busy time for us, particularly as we finalize our trade and conference show attendance schedule. More later.

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