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The Woonsocket Public Library has a fresh looking blog, added since November. Keeping patrons informed about events and programs is critically important if libraries are going to thrive and compete going forward. And thanks for using EventKeeper !


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  1. Will Carr says:

    Lawrence Wright is a great story teller. His earlier work, SIEGE, of terrorism come to America, was nearly prophetic. Mr. Wright worked for the US State Department when GHWB was UN Ambassador. He went to Egypt to lean to speak Arabic and Farsi. He is very knowledgable about Al Qaeda’s roots within the Moslem Brotherhood. This puts him in a unique position to share what he knows about the connection between the Moslem Brotherhood and the CIA, yet there is no mention of CIA agent Robert Baer’s revelation (Sleeping With the Enemy 2004…two years before The Looming Tower) that the Brotherhood had been doing the CIA’s dirty work across the Muslim world for decades and that Thomas Tweeton’s son-in-law, Matt Gannon, also CIA, was returning from Europe to press the question…why do rank and file CIA and FBI agents have NOTHING on Al Qaeda and their relationship to the Muslim Brotherhood? Gannon went down on Pan Am 103 before he could make his complaints known.

    John McNeil is painted as an untrustworthy baffoon who just happens to find his way to the head of security at the Twin Towers. No mention is made of Marvin P. Bush, the President’s relative whose company owned the security program at the Towers…Securacom. Nor is Rudy Giuliani’s decision to put the city’s 911 command post in the Towers after the first World Trade Center bombing.

    Neither does Wright mention Rick Rescorla, another high profile American who died in the Towers and whose story is told by Joe Galloway in his book and Mel Gibson movie We Were Soldiers Once and Young.

    By his own admission, Lawrence Wright’s mentor was relative of GHWB, Louisianian, Walker Percy. Could this have contributed to the oversights?


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